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Say goodbye to ads

One of the things that can make internet browsing slow is the presence of ads on websites. Brave Browser works to give its users a smooth surfing experience by preventing ads from popping up. Basically, it is a web browser that has its very own ad blocker.

Speedy and secure browsing

Brave Browser shields its users from seeing ads on any website they visit. The absence of ads effectively makes browsing faster as content takes less time to load. The removal is also a good way to prevent any infected advertisements from damaging your computer. Aside from that, user privacy is also prioritized and valued by Brave Browser is it makes sure that your visited websites will not be able to use any private information, like usernames and passwords, against you. Online and offline behavior is also prevented from being accessed, which makes users appear to be completely unknown to websites. If you are curious about the security provided to you by the browser, you can check it by clicking on the Brave Button, which will reveal how many blocked ads, trackers, and scripts are there. 3rd party cookies are also prevented by Brave Browser. 

Users are also given the freedom to toggle controls and decide whether to have ads and trackers blocked. Using also the Brave Button, you can either switch the blocking feature on or off. There is also the additional Fingerprinting Protection option, which takes into consideration websites that rely on fingerprints for accessibility. 

Braving the internet

Brave Browser functions just as well as other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox except this comes with its very own ad and tracker blockers. You are guaranteed to enjoy browsing at a faster speed with the lack of ads, which also tend to be disruptive. 


  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • Faster browsing speed
  • Fingerprinting Protection
  • User privacy is ensured


  • No other unique features
  • Downloads can be problematic
  • Some shortcut keys do not work on Brave
  • Not all Chrome extensions work


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Brave Browser


Brave Browser 1.5.120 for Android


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