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Cathy Buggs
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A free, fast, and secure web browser focusing on privacy

Brave is a free open-source web browser that focuses on speed and security. It blocks all ads and tracking, consequently speeding up websites. It offers sensible security defaults and optional controls so users can protect their privacy without giving up functionality. Moreover, it is Windows 11 compatible.

Brave uses a special cryptocurrency named BAT, or Basic Attention Token, to compensate content creators and also has a wallet so users can manage their funds. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to take control of their browsing experience, versus other browsers like Chrome and Edge, which can track your every move.

Brave is based on Chromium 

Brave is based on Chromium, the open-source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its code. This means that it is easy for anyone to view, edit and contribute to Brave's source code.

The Brave developer team claims they are committed to updating their browser three times a month to keep up with changes in Chromium/Chrome. The constant updates give users access to the latest security updates as soon as they are available.

Main features 

Brave has a range of features and functionalities that can help you stay safe and secure online without having to compromise your privacy and security. The Brave browser (and its accompanying extensions and plugins) is a relatively new entrant in the browser market but has made inroads faster than most thought it would. 

This is understandable because many people are tired of the privacy violations that come with mainstream browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The developers of Brave claim to be focused on providing a browser that respects the privacy and security of users and offers more control over their online experience.

The Brave browser has several features that both protect user data and keep them away from trackers and ads trying to access it. By default, the Brave browser blocks ads and trackers, speeding up load times for websites. The company behind Brave claims that this has no impact on the visual quality or site functionality. This feature can be turned off if desired.

Users can choose which specific ads they want to see. This allows them to support sites and content creators they like without exposing themselves to other ads. Furthermore, it eliminates the problem of not knowing what type of data has been collected by specific ads. Users can also replace all ads with a ‘clean’ version that shows text-only advertisements tailored for each site to support content creators without being tracked. 

Brave automatically connects to devices via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. This prevents ISPs, hackers, and other third parties from intercepting data sent between computer and website servers. In addition, it encrypts all data sent to and from websites, giving users more privacy.

The built-in tracking protection provided by Brave browser blocks sites that track users across the internet. This prevents data collection by any site visited or feature used including Facebook "Like" buttons, Google Analytics code, Twitter widgets, etc.

Brave also gives users the option of blocking all trackers that are found on web pages. This includes cookies and other tracking scripts used to record browsing activity. It is worth mentioning that adblockers can't block these because they are not ads but rather recordings of user activity. 

Brave has a blocklist that blocks all known trackers, malware domains, and adware. The Brave team claims they will update to block future trackers and any other kinds of abusive content. Brave also prevents fingerprinting and crypto mining. This makes it harder for attackers to identify and fingerprint users.

Optional privacy controls

Brave has many optional privacy features that users can choose to activate if they want additional protection.

A privacy mode option allows Brave to block all cookies, local storage, DOM storage, and JavaScript. This helps prevent snooping on the user's history, especially when using public computers.

By default, Brave also blocks third-party tracking cookies and disables WebRTC, which leaks local IP addresses. You can turn these options on in the privacy section of preferences.

Brave's new update allows users to choose from a list of third-party trackers and remove them. It also allows users to clear their browsing history, passwords, cookies, and cached content at any time. Lastly, Brave has an incognito mode that disables all extensions, blocking new tabs from tracking and storing information.

Ease of use

Brave is straightforward to use and has a similar interface as most browsers. It is very intuitive and does not take much time to get used to. To access Brave's features, users can click on the ‘three lines’ (or hamburger) menu in the top right corner and select preferences.

There are tabs for basic browser settings like bookmarks, browsing data (history, passwords), user interface preferences (toolbar, user agent), and privacy preferences (cookie settings, history protection). Other features to select from include ad blocking, script disabling, and fingerprinting control options. The available options are clearly explained at the bottom of each page, so users know what they do.

A better search engine

Enjoy better search results with the powerful Brave Search API, where users can seamlessly integrate billions of private and ad-free search results from the web through a simple API call. This API offers high-quality data, extensive coverage of recent events, and a unique dataset, making it particularly valuable for artificial intelligence and Large Language Models developers. 

The Brave Search API is accessible to all users, with the option to avail of a free plan that offers one query per second and up to 2,000 queries per month, as well as affordable paid options starting from USD3 per 1,000 queries.

A solid web browser focusing on user privacy

Brave's default settings are sensible enough to protect privacy without breaking websites or making them less functional. Brave is the only browser available that blocks every ad and tracker by default, which speeds up page load times, reduces bandwidth consumption, and protects users from malware across all compatible platforms, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Brave is one of the superior alternative browsers due to its high level of security and privacy features. It also allows users to manage their online data far better than Chrome or Firefox, making it a serious challenge to the major alternative browsers.

Brave is a faster web browser with built-in AdBlocker that prevents tracking and provides safer, better browsing experience.

Browse Faster
Brave blocks trackers and intrusive ads that can slow you down on the web.

Browse Safer
Brave 64-bit keeps you and your information safer, shielding you from 3rd party tracking and malvertisement.

Browse Better
With Brave, you can choose whether to see ads that respect your privacy or pay sites directly. Brave blocks harmful advertising and Malvertising, which can be automatically installed on your laptop without your knowledge.

Brave redirects sites to HTTPS
HTTPS is integrated Everywhere into every Brave browser to make sure your data bits are always transported across the safest pipe.

Brave blocks Tracking Pixels and Cookies
Brave makes sure you aren't being tracked while you shop online and browse your favorite sites.

The new Brave browser 64-bit automatically blocks ads and trackers, making it faster and safer than your current browser. It's amazing how fast a page loads when you strip away everything but the real content. Up to a whopping 60% of page load time is caused by the underlying ad technology that loads into various places each time you hit a page on your favorite news site. And 20% of this is time spent on loading things that are trying to learn more about you. Brave's blockchain-based token solution also allows you to reward favorite publishers for their content.


  • Loads websites quicker than most browsers
  • High focus on user privacy and blocking trackers
  • Compatible with lots of Chrome extensions


  • Has lots of features you may not need

Also available in other platforms

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Brave for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.3.361.133
  • 4.1

  • Security Status

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    Because I didn´t have the answer I want that was how to run that program

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    The best browser ever!! i know it sound fishy but, it's true! it actually went faster than any browser. and, it has its own AD block!

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    Without a doubt the fastest browser I have ever used! Browsing without ads is real and really boosts your online activity.

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    Really Fast! Great Browser. Thank you and goodbye Chrome and Firefox.

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    The best browser!
    Very fast, efficient, light and also blocks nuisance adds.
    I love it more!!!!!!!!!


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